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NTSC to HD n bye bye...

We lease a whole household full of DirecTv obsolete wired NTSC set top boxes (3) hooked to a mix of NTSC and HD screens... we now have enough LED screens to go wireless HD... with the exception of "Days of Our Lives" soap (watched since day one, worked nites at ATT) everything we watch is either off air on UHF or on the internet via HULU or NETFLIX... or might just stop using DirecTV.

Joke Alert= have not signed up for any upgrade as we heard ATT wants to buy DirecTV and kill it in 2 years after making their cell phone video tv a USA standard... one of our relatives tried that ATT tv set up the next town over and it failed miserably when a 2nd or 3rd set was added wirelessly... had to go to the master to reboot the slaves... they went back to basic cable w/ Netflix... the joke's on DirecTv= we really do not need their product, especially if it is being groomed for a sale to ATT w/ plans to kill it in 2 years... RS.

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