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Yes, lovely story. On my iPhone, I didn't even need to do that. I take photo, it's on a webpage in under a minute. iCloud.

The number of times I've had to unjam various plugs and disks and cards from various slots and holes... Cloud agnosia is as equally inhibiting and as prevalent as connector agnosia in my experience. How many times have you found you needed a USB type x to "some other connector" cable? It got better for a while, but now it's heading out to exponential combination land again.

Connectivity will, I fear, always be a problem, whether it is not having the right protocol in software or not having the right jack in hardware. I admit, Apple could do better with allowing stuff to get off the pad but it's part of their sandbox approach (actually would DRAM attack work on an iDevice? Hmmm...) not to allow some universal connecting app free reign of the compartmentalised file system.

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