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A gold MacBook with just ONE USB port? Apple, you're DRUNK


>Never forget that the ideal Apple computer is powered by your adoring gaze and your friends' envy.

Eventually there will be no sockets.

Then the MacBook itself will start to become transparent. Soon, only the screen will continue to levitate in space - disembodied, wireless, cloudy, a serene slab of glass and metal floating effortlessly above the turbulent surface of valley life, displaying infinite views of brightly coloured smiling people enjoying their lives so very, very much.

Soon, even that will start to disappear.

Eventually there will be just the faintest ghost of a design idea.

No case. No screen. No keyboard. No denim. No turtleneck. Just a barely audible sigh that sounds like a cross between 'Jony...', Japanese rain on apple blossoms, and a really annoying 1950s telephone.

Perfection will have been attained.

The day after that, the Borg ships will land.

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