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White House taxes Silicon Valley to skill-up American workers



As a US taxpayer I would much rather see the person imported than the job exported even if it means more competition. Obama though like so many other clueless non IT VIPs seems to think all anybody needs to code is some training. Of course as most on here know, this is not the case and it takes a certain kind of mind to be successful (good at breaking large tasks into small steps, strong logic, excellent recognition of patterns, enjoying solving problems, etc). In fact most of the best developers I have met have done quite a bit of self training as the type of mind mentioned before naturally seems to lend itself towards development and tinkering. Also half the reason some of the code coming out of India (and other outsource havens) is lucky to even compile is this same kind of everyone can be a developer thinking is pushing every person who wants to get ahead to become an overnight IT expert. And corporations complain how many IT projects fail. The wonder between the inept yes man middle management and lowest bidder or outsourced development is that any projects succeed at all.

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