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A gold MacBook with just ONE USB port? Apple, you're DRUNK

Only me!

Welcome to the wireless world

OK I am no Apple fan, but...we are at the start of a new revolution.....

My Mouse Bluetooth, headphones Bluetooth, keyboard Bluetooth, PowerPoint presentation cast of a wireless display, printer WiFi, file transfer from my phone and camera are wifi.

OK a touch extreme, I grant you, but all possible and all giving good / ok results. Loss of speed and quality of course but no wires. So the one plug to the lappy is for power.

It is a little like the iMac when people could not get the head around not having a disk drive.

Too soon to make the leap at this point, but hey this is the infinity and beyond!

The above has nothing to do with the new Mac Book, but is saying where the tech is going.

Let's mess with the up down votes and say I have a Surface :-)

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