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White House taxes Silicon Valley to skill-up American workers


I think this could be a piece of a good idea but not enough

It won't help with the off-shoring of jobs which are performed outside of this country (US or any other country worried about the problem.)

I completely agree that a bunch of jobs don't require a traditional four-year degree to be an effective employee. However the HR departments generally aren't good at looking at real-life experience. Another recent posting talked about MOOC training and how HR was totally flummoxed figuring out how it applied.

Many countries are now operating as essentially "certification markets" where there is intense emphasis on gaining a technical certificate (Microsoft, Cisco, etc.) so the applicant compete on- or off-shore. Perhaps a bit more emphasis on being familiar with the language/idiom and customs of the hiring country might be helpful. Perhaps this is but it wasn't obvious 10 years ago.

Another recent story (on NPR?) was about undocumented immigrants from the US being shipped back to Mexico where they are manning call centers for US customers.

Aren't most of the problems here cause by having these artificial lines that delineate country boundaries? What is to be gained by restricting flow other than protectionism and nationalism?

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