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Getting rid of Magsafe was a mistake

The ability to charge over USB is wonderful, but the lack of inclusion of a power adapter with Magsafe is a fatal flaw. While I wouldn't use Apple products because of their ridiculous prices, pro censorship views and user hostility (lies about hardware defects and pretend fixes with software), something I always envied was their solid chassis, somewhat precalibrated screens, and the Magsafe power connector. They've taken a big step back here. As for USB ports 2 should be a minimum, one for either side of the laptop so one is not inconvenienced when they need to plug in a device, or three total if you're using a USB charging port. Everyone uses thumbdrives at a minimum.

In the end what will solve it is an aftermarket USB charging pass-through adapter. I had one for my RAZR 2 v8m. It used a multifunctional micro USB port for the headset and charging. With the standard USB charging adapter only it could plug in. With the aftermarket one you first plugged in the power adapter then the headset and everything worked. At a minimum, if Apple was going to compromise so drastically as to only have one USB port they should have at the least included an extra on the power adapter.

Case in point last night I was offered an iPhone 5s by a colleague for free and declined despite my current device being inferior in specs, because I'm free to run the software of my choosing.

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