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A gold MacBook with just ONE USB port? Apple, you're DRUNK

Dave 126 Silver badge

Not unprecedented.

The original Macbook Air only had 1 USB port. All subsequent models have had two.

If you need the ports, buy a MB Air or Pro. If your past experience with using an iPad has shown you that your wireless infrastructure (NAS storage, wireless printers, photos from phone camera or EyeFi instead of an SD-card camera) is up to scratch and you really value portability, then buy this. There are people - not me - for whom this machine is fit for purpose.

If you don't often use USB sticks, then the scenario in which you need to use a USB stick whilst having no battery power left will be very rare.

The more interesting questions are around what does Apple's use of USB 3 and Type C mean for the adoption of these standards. It would seem to be a good thing for us non-Apple users, since it was in our pipeline anyway. It is a proper standard ( so various cables and adaptors will become widely available and cheap in time.

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