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If you cast your mind back to the days when electronic eavesdropping first became viable, it wasn't the Marconis or the Capones that stood to lose, it was City Hall.

Marconi wanted everyone to have facilities that could be spied on.

Capone used runners just like he does today. He don a use a de telephone.

If you think Comcast and AT&T want to give the US people free speech you don't have the faintest idea how badly wrong things are going to get. It will be 6G before the NSA is ready to dole out the next slice. When they are capable of dealing with greater throughput of information, things might be allowed to improve.

Nothing is going to change until then.

The Internet represents the greatest threat to the way governments hoodwink us all. Comcast and the NSA are just good examples of why and how. Take for example a free white state with a small, easily controlled citizenry, whose government has had the radio communications of its far flung natives taped for decades:

>Here in Australia, we enjoy real 4G speeds regardless of network in most areas


Australia is the Russia of the western world. I bet the Sorks have got good comms. too. (And the Norks are working on the Capone version.)

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