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Keeping pushing that fantasy out, analysts

They've been pushing this idea for years, and every time the date when Apple is supposedly going to release it draws near, they make up some reason why "Apple is pushing it back". They can't admit they believed a rumor, which was possibly even planted by Apple to mislead people on the direction it is going, so they keep claiming it has been pushed back again and again. You'd think Apple was the most incompetent company in the world, that with all their money they can't get their hands on a supply of 12.9" display panels until after Christmas! You know, the same size that is used in countless millions of laptops around the world?

When Apple announced the March 9th event, I saw a couple suggestions the jumbo iPad might be announced. I guess when there was not a single spy photo of it to be found with less than a week to go, they were forced to admit there was no way that was happening so now "oh, it will be next year" is the story.

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