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I've dealt with them to, with a satisfactory outcome.

My complaints about Vodfone's constant network failures, was met by Vodafone telling me my phone at the time (HTC Desire Z) was incompatible with their network. Fair enough, except one slight problem, they sold me the phone, it was branded with their ROM (when I bought it at least, and was flashed back to it during the complaints to ensure they couldn't claim any BS), and still under warranty.

Vodafone offerd to "upgrade" me to all sorts of other phones, none of which had the features I required, which was Android OS and a physical QWERTY keyboard.

Got in contact with the TIO, told them the problem, and what I expected (either another android based qwerty phone, or immediate release from the contract without termination fees), and they basically poked Vodafone with a pointy stick until I got released from my contract.

Consequently took my phone to Telstra, and had no such network issues until they finally started converting the 3G frequencies over to 4G, and finally killed off GSM.

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