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Samsung honour role

The last time I installed Samsung Magician to see if it had any firmware updates for the 830 SSD (it was about to be replaced by an M550 and the 830 was going to go in a linux box), it not only stuck itself into auto-startup but also added a scheduled task to start it up if you deleted the entry. Cunning. Why on earth samsung think it's a good idea to have it running 24/7 I have no idea. From reading the forums it seems it's not that the firmware was bad but that samsung magician's update process was what b0rked the drives; updates from the ISO worked fine.

Still, the prize for most pig-like SSD management software has to go to Crucial's new "storage executive" which is a 150MB download and runs as a java web service.

Looks like keeping a bootable USB stick around for firmware updates is still a good idea.

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