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First do no harm

First do no harm. Killing a girl in a crosswalk is not a "cool thing". Creepy, bleepy aspies walking around taking ubiquitous film footage of the people around them is not a "cool thing". I don't agree with the framing of this piece in terms of the tech giants and the investors, two crowds of rich people. Other people, like workers and bystanders in the big cities where the speculative pilot projects are run, can suffer. It's time that we started making formulations about how the VC world operates that incorporates their callous indifference to human costs that happen two or three hops downstream. I might blame Muazzafar for Sofia Liu's death, I might even say Kalanick is responsible, but these two layers of people are a buffer against taking the complicity up to the VC's doorstep (in the Menlo hills, placid and calm,) where it belongs. Kalanick and his legal department get to play games with plausible deniability, but nobody plays games with plausible deniability better than the VC.

You ought to incorporate these harms into the chess board you describe where "the consumer gets cool stuff cheap or free." Not always - sometimes they get run over or assaulted.

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