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Many people still have 20 year old HDDs in their possession (I do), but few people will ever try to access the data that is on them, and even fewer people are actually still using those disks. Even if the disks being sold with a 20 year warranty will all fail after 5 years of use, there will be few buyers who will be asking for a warranty replacement because (a) a tiny percentage of buyers will be keeping the HDD in use for even as long as 5 years and (b) of the people who do, only a percentage will remember that the failed disk came with a 20 year warranty, and a smaller percentage will bother to collect on the warranty.

A few years ago I did want to find some old data I knew was on 15-odd year-old floppy disks, and discovered that only about 60% of the data on those disks was still readable (not that they were stored particularly carefully). The same data was also stored on DAT tape backups that I still have, but I no longer have a DAT drive to read them ...

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