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I am an ex-ADSL24 customer. After Coms bought them out it all went to pot. For months the broadband was pitifully slow (we are talking slower than a 56k modem), had constant drop outs, and 2 major outages as well. Fat good it did having an unlimited broadband package when you could never actually use the broadband.

Every time they put the blame on me/my equipment, despite said equipment working for ages with ADSL24 with no problems. Honestly, Coms were as bad as talktalk/sky, from the support perspective. I got the feeling they wanted to get rid of me, based on their behaviour.

Finally moved over to Andrews&Arnold, who are miles better than anyone else I've had (although getting used to the 100Gb cap is proving tricky). Coms still send me demands for payment for services despite me cancelling them months ago, presumably there is a disconnect between accounting and their broadband/telephone guys.

Still, I too am unsurprised that they are losing money, they sure are not going to get anyone to willingly pay them, based on my experience of their behaviour

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