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Bloody TECH GIANTS... all they do is WASTE investors' MONEY

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Nuts! It is Not Big Tech.

It is the central bankers who are making the wasteful decisions for everyone, including large tech companies like Apple. What has happened is that the central banksters have kept interest rates so low that there is no place to park your money of you have serious quantities of it. Apple is investing in automobile manufacturing because it thinks it wil get a better return from that than it will from the pitiable interest it can get from the bonds issued by the various governments. The stock market is volatile because the p/e ratios are are so high that they don't make good sense. Real estate is, as always, both iffy and spotty. Where else can anyone put significant sums of money?

To earn a return you are obliged to gamble, thanks to the artificially low interest rates that are now curent.

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