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Long term (Free?)server access?

With anything inside the home that you want to access from outside, there is a fundamental problem that I've not seen a good solution for. Either you have to open up your router to allow access (Something that the average user is not up to and has significant security implications) or you use a third party server (Often in the cloud) but unless you are paying for it, it could quickly disappear, and if you are paying for it they could jack the price up or close the service leaving you with a lot of hassle trying to reconfigure kit!

I'd hope for 10-20 years life out of home automation kit, how many times might the occupants have changed over those years.

The only solution I've thought of is if a standard could be adopted that came as part of your ISP contract using their servers and could be automatically transferred when you changed ISPs

Or has some one come up with another solution I've missed.

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