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>Yes all those cloud devices can do those things.

I hadn't even got that far, I was still working out the provisioning and registration of all these devices as they will all need to be individually identified and registered on to my management cloud. With the mbed IBM automatically register the device on their BlueMIX cloud, but the user has to use the USB connection to obtain the device id so that they can 'claim' the device in the cloud.

Also playing around with the changing a lightbulb scenario, IoT makes this much much more involved. Having just had both of my cars serviced I know the real difference 'chipped' parts make to a job. One car a new set of spark plugs was needed - £8 each, a spanner is the only tool required and job can be performed on the drive. The other a set of 'chipped' injectors that also need to be registered with the engine management system, here the injectors were £130+ each and the job had to be done by a local garage... But IoT will add another complexity, devices will most probably be pre-registered to different management clouds, just as the majority of mobile phones are today and hence will need to be ported to my cloud...

Once the devices are actually in my cloud I can begin to worry about management...

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