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"Lenovo produced the hard drive image, not Microsoft.

Lenovo is fully reponsible for including the bloatware, not Microsoft.

Microsoft makes operating systems and office software for many laptop/PC manufacturers, not just Lenovo.

Is "SuperPhish" present on those units too? Not that anyone has heard."

The problem, here, is MS has let OEMs, like muppets-Lenovo and many others, package their OS, to their will, including the possibility to add any full-scale spy/mal/bloat-wares, if it brought revenue. And this is gonna hurt them, even if they've only been naive.

MS really need to regain control of Windows from the OEMs and provide certified (whatever that means) install media that can bring a secure baseline to any HW. It is abolutely pointless to have invested in things like secure boot and have let OEM act as Lenovo had.

MS is not the culprit, here, but they've let things go titsup.

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