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What a bunch of wussies

I blame this on the dumbing down of drinking skills. Is noone adept at the art of auto-pilot any more? That skill that gets you home no matter how much you've had to drink, even if you can't crawl let alone walk or figure out which way is up. You wake up, sometimes even the next day, with that sense of wonder at how you managed to get into your own bed(*) and try to retrace your steps to no avail. Over the years I've come to the conclusion that beer can induce teleportation, I've proved this many times but unfortunately haven't been able to document it.

(*)It has to be your own bed, any idiot can fall into a strangers bed. There is room for discretion if it's your neighbours bed and you have always fancied her/him or possibly both of them..

So to my point. You should be able to knock up any recipe using the same skill no matter how happy you feel.

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