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"But what if you are not "involved in defense" but merely report a vulnerability in some software"

This is the very issue surrounding 'dual-use'. You may not be involved in defence business at all, but customs can (and will) stop you if they think something is dual use and at risk of ending up somewhere it shouldn't. They wont arrest you as you are not breaking any laws, but you will lose time and money as a result. Bit of an issue if you are meant to be going to a convention on a specific date!

The oil industry is one of several that finds itself with this problem because their gear can be dual-used to make fuels for missiles. Thus those companies put in for an export licence even though their equipment is only controlled under dual-use and supposedly going to a middle eastern oil field. Thus they try to get approval before sending the gear abroad, thus avoiding being stopped. They don't bother worrying about it if the gear is going to the US for example because dual-use is not just about the equipment, but also the end destination and that includes transit locations. (hint just because it is going to Dubai which has a huge port and not a lot else industry wise, does not mean that is the end destination!)

The advisors of the convention are advising attendees to check whether they should do the same. Bit of an overkill really because Canada is not exactly a hotbed of illicit weapons or dual-use equipment transfers, but I guess if the customs people of some governments are being anal enough then it is a good idea to get the paperwork sorted before it becomes a problem. The licence is not likely to be refused, but you may be stopped for not having one.

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