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I am not sure the Wassenar Agreement should be the one fingered here as it is pretty much down to national governments on how they regulate the export of dual use items. Like anyone else involved in defence or security, it is a VERY good idea to check what you are doing or taking with you does or does not require an export licence. With cyber defence being the new 'hot' thing, countries are tightening up on defence products relating to computer systems. Owning a browser or PC is not just for script kiddies, countries are doing it too and so hacking tools now have military/security applications and thus taking them with you to a convention may require a licence.

Remember all those stories about hacking and security tools being exported to [choose your repressive Middle East state here] who then used them to repress 'rebellious' citizens? The government will want to keep this sort of thing under control so any software/hardware you take with you that can do that sort of thing will be of interest. What it in your head cannot be licensed, but telling people how you did it can be. Be glad you are not in the US, breaking their export controls can put you in jail longer than for being a convicted rapist/thief etc!

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