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Google founders to offload $4 BEEELLION in shares

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Don't panic, dear readers, at the prospect of Google's share price (and the balance of your pension fund) diving

Woah, that Brooklyn Bridge must be going chaep right now! Guess what, all that free money from QE making the stock market casino a bit crazy has its effects:

How To Find The Next Bear Market—–Look Around!

Let me start by saying the level of opulence in Silicon Valley has far exceeded what was present in the Bay Area 15 years ago. The developers with the $350 ripped jeans and $125 flip-flops have been around for years, but this is different.


Stock Market Alert: I’m Not Trying To Scare You—– I’m Trying To Warn You

The reason I seem so bearish today is that I feel the current risk/reward equation in the stock market presents investors with all risk, no reward. Valuations, across a variety of metrics, suggest stocks are roughly 80% above their long-term average.

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