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Adobe appoints former Reg man as open-source chief mobile lead


Adobe's "killing" of mobile Flash player were THE MOST STUPID THING WHICH ADOBE EVER MADE!

I strongly believe that Adobe lost a net gain about double of it's current. Aswell they lost probably the bigest part of the advertisement share they could have if their strategy was better.

I believe that Adobe should review their actions and focus mainly on Flash for Mobiles.

It is not anymore the "birth of the Android" ages, where a phone with 256 MB of RAM were something like "Cutting edge hardware". Pluss Microsoft is going to bring a clean Windows on the mobile devices, which means that a good union between Adobe and Microsoft , enforced with advertisement sharer trough Flash inside Microsoft products and media presenting can be mutual benefit for Microsoft, Adobe and the users of their products.

I am really voting for "Flash to rule on the Web media kingdom"!

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