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You might be surprised. The Old paradigm of continually managing the energy supply to match the demand is fast flying out the window.

The new paradigm is matching demand to a continuously variable supply. Even a quite small battery (2-5kWh) in the home in conjunction with a rooftop photovoltaic system, would suffice to significantly limit the amount of time your home has to resort to the grid at all, even when firing up energy hogs like air-con, kettles and vacuum cleaners. Simply trickle charged at off-peak rates that battery combined with an increasingly affordable inverter will let you avoid the worst of premium rates.

If Elon Musk get battery prices down to a genuine $100-$200/kWh, a few thousand dollars worth of battery and inverter would allow most households to make ALL of their electricity purchases at the lowest available tariff. Even at $400/kWh (looking at < that price right now) such a setup would result in enough savings to more than cover the cost of a new battery every few years. Provide the overcapacity and in all likelihood, electricity providers will happily lease it off you for load balancing purposes. Do your number right, pop on a few solar panels and become a small scale electricity provider yourself with a zeroed power bill and showing a modest profit after amortised costs. Can't argue with that.

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