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I am. I got one of the ~$600USD Samsung 28" UHD displays last year. I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 still. I toyed around with the display at work before I brought it home. There wasn't anything I could get my hands on that could drive it at native resolution. I knew the integrated Intel graphics on my home PC would surely be even worse, so I got an Nvidia GeForce 750Ti too, because I figured that had the best chance of driving it at 60Hz without spending even more money and the proprietary drivers aren't hard to install in Ubuntu.

I don't think anything I do even needs that many FPS. I don't game on that machine. It sure does make photo editing a lot easier, though. I have an older DSLR whose images nearly fit on-screen at 100% zoom, so I can figure out that all of my pictures are out of focus that much faster. Google Earth looks great, too. The only "problem" there is looking at a city, it just takes a long time for all the 3D buildings to transfer over from Google's servers.

The default Unity interface isn't a problem for me to use. I never bothered to see if I could scale the widgets. I still find myself making use of multiple desktops like I've always done, with different sets of apps on each desktop (GIMP in one, browsers in another, copying files in a third, etc.).

Most of the stuff on YouTube that claims to be 4K still looks like crap, but I was able to download sample videos that do look spectacular (Blender's "Tears of Steel" and a Canal+ demo). I don't have a fast enough network connection to stream 4K, I guess.

The monitor was so new when I got it that all the on-screen menus were in Korean, and it shipped with a pamphlet that tried to describe how to set them to English. There was some sort of bug where the language settings weren't shown in the menus unless the monitor was already displaying an image, or something like that. I got that all sorted out, though, and I've been using it for almost a year and never regretted it once.

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