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There are people who will buy them because they can, and then insist that they can see/hear the difference.

You'll see the difference. On a 1024 display of an image containing a very small feature sized one quarter of a pixel squared, that feature will at best cause the single pixel containing it to be one sixteenth brighter or darker ... which you won't (can't) notice. The human eye is far more responsive to sharp step changes in brightness (edges) than it is to slight variation.

On a 4k screen it'll be a bright or dark or different-colour "spark" pixel which you can notice.

If it's not obvious what the pixel represents (there will be a line of them for a line feature), you'll zoom in on your model to see it better. But if you can't see it at all, you won't know there's any reason to zoom.

If you went through part of your childhood with slight uncorrected short sight, you'll remember the sudden impact of reality when you put on your first pair of glasses. Leaves! Raindrops! Stars! A really high-resolution screen displaying really high-resolution imagery will be similar.

It's the sort of thing architects in particular will love.

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