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JB Straubel (Tesla CTO, their battery guy) was the keynote speaker at a storage symposium last may (, well worth watching) and at that symposium, talked about how the demands placed on static storage are much less than in a car. As an example he said that their car batteries are rated for 4C discharge, while static storage systems are just C/2 and remarked that re-using the tech they'd used in the Model S was really overkill. (It's not just about the battery, but the power electronics as well, that JB Straubel referred to as soon costing $100/kW.) So, it'd really suggest if they expand the static storage market as they intend to (15GWh/year, 30% of Gigafactory output) you could expect a the chemistry, if not the fundamental manufacturing. If they've found a high-energy-density, low power-density mix that lowers the cost of static storage, I'm sure they'd be very happy.

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