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The Washington Post is a newspaper. Its current and only core business function is to generate maximal revenue by:

- selling as many printed copies as it possibly can

- generating advertising click-through revenue on its online edition

Decades ago, Washington Post's business function was the dissemination of news and commentary on the news. That goal was apparently abandoned in favor of a much more lucrative business model: clueless lobbying for sale to the highest bidder.

Washington Post's opinions about Title II regulation of high-speed Internet are just about as irrelevant as Kim Kardashian's. Washingon Post - a.k.a. Pravda - has no demonstrable track record of competency in the areas of Internet infrastructure, regulatory construction, Net Neutrality, or any other topic or subject covered by the authority of the FCC.

I believe everyone would be very interested to know how come the Washington Post is able to opine on a set of regulatory proposals which haven't even been made public yet. Perhaps they have obtained this information from a new and improved Deep Throat. Let's call it Deeper Throat.

Next up: Justin Bieber files an amicus brief with the Supreme Court in favor of Title II regulation of high-speed Internet.

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