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Net neutrality: Growing flames of criticism lick FCC chief's secret plans

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Please ...

* Please don't ref and assume that it will be read (I did)

* Please don't assume that we understand what all the acronyms mean (I looked them up)

* Please don't assume that a UK reader of a UK site will automatically understand what an FTC and an FCC actually is (still non plussed)

This is an important topic and I got lost and I don't think I should have done. Please try harder to spell out the goodies and baddies (from your perspective) and I'll use my inbuilt bias to colour my comments.



Working: ..." the Washington Post formally came out against the idea, arguing that such an approach would "expose broadband providers"... . This came across to me as WP being against NetNeut (your article.) Their article dispels that (my reading.)

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