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This reminds me...

"It seems like ergot has been involved with animals and humans almost forever, and now we know that this fungus literally dates back to the earliest evolution of grasses"

I remember watching a film in the late 90's that had a similar theme, almost like a docudrama with a narrator following the exploits of a pre homo sapiens/erectus ape wandering the plains of Africa (the premise being he was the last of his kind), and a particular scene that struck me was when the ape creature consumed a bunch of magic mushrooms; the narration went on to speculate that the consumption of halucinogenics could have been a precursor, trigger or catalyst for the evolution of primate minds, and that this was succesfully passed on to our ancestors and gave the species more of an edge in terms of changing the way an animal's thought processes works. I could never remember the name of the film, as it was one of those late night accidents that happens when changing channels.

I wonder how common it was/is for different species to consume halucinogens (by accident or on purpose), and how this has affected their development.

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