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Surely you aren't serious?

You have heard of solar and wind power, right, and how one of the biggest issues with it is you still need to be tied to the grid or have substantial battery storage because the sun doesn't shine / wind doesn't blow 24x7?

Even if you don't intend to disconnect from the grid entirely, or don't even intend to generate your own power this can be very useful if your utility does time-of-day pricing like California. Top up the battery at night when power is cheap, use it during the day when it is expensive. With the price differentials in California, I'm sure it would pay for itself in a few years.

This would also be great for Tesla owners, if the design of the home storage battery allows for a faster transfer of power from it to your car, as compared to plugging it in. Depends on how it is wired, series vs parallel, etc.

There are so many reasons why a home storage battery system, if it is plug and play and more affordable than current solutions, would interest millions in the US alone. The current state of home battery systems for renewable power can be compared to buying a PC in the mid 70s - kits like the Altair, Apple I, etc. versus buying one in the mid 80s when you could just buy a Mac, IBM PC, Amiga with everything you needed and not have to understand how it works to make use of it.

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