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Elon Musk's Tesla set to unveil home storage battery

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And all because

...Tesla need to build battery volume to drive down car production costs. The real (ie wholesale) price arbitrage on electricity over a few hours (less the 25-30% losses into and out of storage) is insufficient to pay the costs of home power storage system like this, but Tesla hope that ill-conceived solar subsidy programmes will mask the harsh realities.

As the article says, the system has been hawked around utilities and I suspect that they've run the numbers and they don't work except in niche situations *cough, cough, AC and all that*.

If you can launder the subsidies by using such a system, then you might have some small rationale for using it, but as I understand the rules both microgen and storage must switch off if the mains goes down, so even the theoretical value of UPS is not available.

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