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US plots to KILL hackers – with bureaucracy!

Dan Paul

Re: The last paragraph pretty much sums it up.

Have an upvote, theres no "maybe" about it. Obama has meddled in the affairs of almost every agency in the administration. He has a difficult time letting people do their jobs and has lost several key military and staff advisers because of it. He does not like the fact that the people responsible for the NSA and CIA already know more than Obama ever will. His advice goes unheeded because it's useless. The NSA and CIA are not charged with protecting private business.

The solution is the create another agency that is entirely beholden to him so he can point at it and say he is "tough on hackers" (when nothing could be further from the truth) while bending the new bureaucracy to his will. On a political perspective, it gives him his own personal spy agency. Given how the IRS has acted during the Obama Administration, that becomes a very scary proposition.

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