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VVols will help VMware admins

Back to the original story.

Chris, your title is accurate, but not entirely correct. Here is why. One design point of VVols is to abstract features and capabilities, and allow them to be instantiated in a common manner.

Without sounding too much like a former programmer, what this really means is that the fact that you create a snapshot from the VMware vCenter menu is on purpose. If you are using VVols, and if your storage system supports snapshots, then that command happens on the array. If you are using VVols and your system doesn't support snapshots, VMware will create one.

Again, this is by design and is transparent. So, I would argue that using VVols does help the hypervisor admin, even when their storage system is lacking. This is because it enables them to do things the same way, without having to go find vendor X's Java vCenter plugin and figure out how to create a snapshot there, or try and remember exactly where the storage GUI is installed.

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