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When a device explicitly tells you that it will send data externally, the fact that it is free or not cares little. Once the data are outside your control, you can do very little about how they are used or misused - and it doesn't matter if the software that got them is free or not. A lot of data gathering companies runs of "free" software - for them, a win-win situation, they process your data and make money on them, while saving money on software.

If the entities gathering the data is the same that provides you the device and related services, what are you blocking? After all Google collects a lot of data simply because you are unwillingly to block Google, right? We are not speaking about devices collecting data stealthy, we're speaking about devices that are designed from ground up to gather and transmit data, and they even tell you so they'lll do. They can even show you the code - there's no secret in it - record, pack, transmit... and if then they share those informations with third parties, what could you block on your FW? Nothing.

Anyway, any device that gets updates from the Internet from its own sources, can install something nasty (at least for you) without your knowledge, even if it's based on "free" code. Unless it displays all the source code on the screen and asks you to approve the update (compiled, of course, from the same source code), but I guess it won't be much successful but among a handful of die-hard penguins who prefer to read source code than watching a movie - not usually the best way to spend an evening with your family, friends (unless of the same penguin race), or girlfriend...

Sure, you can block everything - as long as the device still works, once blocked. It could start complaining it can't "check for updates", and stop working....

This issue has to be resolved outside the technical domain, it's a legal issue, what companies are authorized to collect, and how to ensure your able to opt-out, or, far better - to opt-in.

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