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OK, I'll take the bait... what do you pay for each, and which registrars do you use ?

Also, are you getting some 'bulk buyer' eate (because for multiple domains some will drop costs on a tiered basis, so bulk use is lower per domain)... ?

Finally, show any Sales tax / VAT separately, for what you pay.

Genuine query.

FWIW I recently used 123-reg to renew a domain. Cost (2 years) £6.98 + £1.40 VAT = £8.38

Typical renewal fee for any .com is around $ 13 - 15 whereas a transfer may cost $ 9 - 11

I don't have any firm figures in my e-mail on my phone to quote actual fees paid but clearly, for me, it could cost 50% - 150% more for a .com for 1 year.

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