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Data retention: It seems BORING ... until your TV SPIES ON YOU

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Anonymous Coward

Even if, and it’s a big if, Samsung is innocent....

....and LG was innocent before them. Two thorny questions remain :---

1. How difficult will it be for hackers, spies, criminals, rogue police, espionage agents, corrupt diplomats or rogue telcos etc, to gain remote access to the microphone on a new smart TV? (Disabling the mic icon)

2. WTF is in the 20-50 page privacy document that ships with every Smart TV? There are numerous weasel clauses in there that are completely vague and permit TV makers to change gear at any time.


--- One thing's for sure, a built-in TV mic / camera is a ticking time bomb for someone… The next Snowden... Wikileaks.... Guardian tech journalist.... What if you're a whistleblower? Will you be comfortable with your new Smart TV?

--- There won't be many basic Led's and Plasma's soon either, unless we push back and send TV makers a strong message!

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