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Listen up, VMware admins: If the array won't support it, VVOL won't help you...


Great new corporate slogan!

VMware, there are limits!

The more I add up theTCO of VMware vs. every other solution, the more I realize that as long as VMware keeps on perpetuating their ancient design, there will just be limits which everyone else is blowing past.

A simple 100% fact... everyone else considers storage and networking to be a base component of the based package. VMware believes they're add-ons. While NSX is nifty, it just doesn't hold a candle to Microsoft SDN.

Want to talk storage? VMware is bragging about an uber-fast 7 million IOPs storage system with a wopping 90000 IOPs per node. Storage spaces scales WAY past that using SOFS.

I was SOOOO looking forward to vSphere 6 and when it hit, all I could think is "Where's the upgrade?"

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