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Opt-in or Opt-out or Locked-in

The key is if all of this data collection can be opt-in/out. Will there ever come a time when it's illegal or impossible for me to block the connections to the Net? Heaven forbid that they ever use safety as an excuse to mandate the use of IoT data collection. For example smart smoke alarms or cooking appliances that notify when there is a fire. One thing I haven't been keeping track of (and should be) is the use of smart power meters and powerline internet back to the power company. Am I going to have to put some sort of filter between every smart device and the power plug? Will that be made illegal as well?

Still despite my concerns the article failed to consider one thing - It's already possible for the government to find out, with some certainty, when somebody is at home. They just have to look at the overrall power usage and compare it historically. Well smart power meters would make this even easier.

But it's still scary to think what might become excepted...

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