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There is no Hardware that supports those items, its the Software that does it, and that can be leveraged in pretty much any well designed distributed storage model. Why bother to even build a technical solution for an organization if its beholden to some specialized hardware construct that locks you into obscene support costs and 35k per TB for a 3 year support model. But hey keep making those "table stakes" legacy array arguments that gets brought up when you want to compete against distributed systems but can't. Oh and "no questions asked" yeah thats legit, after 10 hours on support calls justifying to a 3rd world call center jockey working off a script.

Legacy array architecture is dead, the only people who still need it are FICON/Mainframe shops. Everyone else will move towards commodity/distributed systems (at least the ones who actually have legitimate IT budgets). Keep a tab on those YoY losses that the big boys keep racking up and tell me that Rome isn't burning.

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