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> Corporations are unnatural persons the world over.

In reality, corporations are not persons of any kind, natural or unnatural. Corporations are collections of legal documents and bank accounts, and that's about it.

Problem in the US is that there's a push from the corporate faction of the political right to grant personhood to corporations. As insane as the idea sounds, there doens't seem to be widespread opposition to it.

We've already accomplished - in the US - half of this insanity: in the US money equals speech. We might as well go for the other half - corporations are people - and then let everyone deal with the consequences.

The majority of the electorate seems unable to figure out for themselves when a bad idea is a really bad idea. I say this because in the US the only way of eliminating the money == speech and corporation == person ideas is by constitutional amendment. There is no support for such an amendment, and that is frightening.

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