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Useless exercise

This all sounds like a useless exercise to me. What does it matter what the opinion is of Google or some panel of faux-experts? Ultimately the legal principles and procedures are pretty clear and established.

Google does business in Europe, employing many thousands of people to sell products to European consumers and business. European users don't accidentally use products aimed at the American market, Google tailors its services to European users by establishing offices in Europe and providing their services in Italian, Danish, Polish etc. If it wants to keep making considerable amounts of money from European users it will have to abide by European law and its courts, principles, safeguards, watchdogs and ultimately parliaments.

Of course, Google could decide to stop selling its services to Europeans. That would make a lot of European tech companies pop the champagne bottles as it means one big competitor less to worry about. It’s also extremely unlikely that Google would stop selling to the world’s largest economic bloc. It would be an interesting ‘principled’ stance if Google were to decide not to sell to both China and Europe, it would also be extremely ‘courageous’ in the Sir Humphrey sense.

All in all, this "recommendation" will get some laughs and will then be archived in some bottom drawer.

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