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Touchy feely does not equal productive

Sadly, the revamps of Office to accommodate touchy-feely operation have had a substantially negative impact on intensive users of Office. Far more finger pokes or mouse movements and clicks are required to perform simple (and frequent) operations.

In the past, in Word, you could type CTRL+F and immediately continue with a search string then ht return. Now you type CTRL+F or click on Find, then you have to manually click on the search box in the navigation filed before typing the search string. Little irritations, but they (along with hunting for commands in the ribbon) all add up to make recent versions of Office less efficient to use.

There's a real trade-off between ease of use at first encounter (or by infrequent users) and ease of use for experienced users. MS seem to have optimised the former to the detriment of the latter.

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