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Yeah, I had a Siemens ISDN TA with DECT and it needed Windows XP for its control software - for a piece of kit still being sold in 2012! Windows 7 + XP Mode wouldn't work, because the software didn't use the USB bus properly and the virtual USB drivers wouldn't allow access to the ISDN TA. I had to recomission an old XP laptop just to administer the thing! Since then, we've moved onto a pure VOIP system and don't need the ISDN TA any more.

Likewise, at work, we have a key-card entry system. We bought that in 2011 and it would only run on XP at the time and couldn't be installed on a terminal server.

The same for the telephone system we have at work, a Siemens HiPath, the software looks like it hasn't been updates since 1995.

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