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1) Contractor resets the modem. No luck.

2) Contractor resets your off the shelf firewall. Nope. -Or-

2) Contractor looks around in confusion completely unaware that you can in fact roll your own firewall. Aka he's staring at the PC you've setup as a firewall and he's treating it like alien technology. No Dice.

3) Contractor phones in and asks them to reprovision the line while ineffectually messing with diagnostic software on his laptop that reports that there is nothing wrong with the line. He's stumped and tells you he'll have to escalate your ticket up to his manager and lets himself out.

I think this is 90% of major ISP's these days. It once took me three service calls to a cable provider over two weeks before they finally sent out an actual employee who ran a completely new line from the street to the house. It fixed my latency and dropped packets... for a while.

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