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Re: is attempting a reboot by asking everyone what it should actually do.

Don't forget that the World Economic Forum was the third leg of this naked power grab and was the place that was chosen to announce it to the rest of world+dog with the beaming approval of our elites at Davos. Sooo... now they want to consult with the rest of us and then see if they can still pull this off. Control of the flow of information, once in their hands courtesy of the traditional media channels, has slipped between the fingers of their tightened grips and some are desperate to reassert it over the internet. Unfortunately, it's not an easy beast to contain given the number one design principle: censorship = damage to route around. They'll figure it out, eventually.

What I do know is that the "Wild West" aspect is getting ugly with "innocent by-standers" getting caught in the cross-fire between the (oft overlapping) criminals, activists, and agencies. Best advice is to have some computing capability absolutely air-gapped (not even updates) if you must have it on-hand. They'll sort this out over the next decade. Wouldn't surprise me to see licenses (along the lines of UK guns) for unrestricted compute and the rest of it all locked down nationally. Meantime, popcorn. Lots of popcorn.

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