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It just doesn't matter

Three years from now Microsoft may have gotten 300 million people to try Windows 10 and will doubtless be deprecating it for whatever they call Windows 11. It will have its challenges and triumphs, its controversies and surprises. Microsoft will declare victory after a week and again periodically thereafter. It will generate Microsoft a lot of money.

In that three years one billion iOS devices and 7 billion Android devices will have been sold. Together more than one for every living human. All people everywhere will be abundantly aware they don't need Windows, and will be delighted and amazed, enabled and empowered by the myriad devices that just work together without fiddling, without antivirus, without ActiveX, DirectX and Active Directory, without BHOs, GPOs, registry tweaks, activation servers, Microsoft online accounts, IE and Bing, without waiting breathlessly for Microsoft to decide whether they get the next version free or not. Together, but not the same. And the 2.5 billion devices that have already been sold that don't use their ware will mostly still be working too, like the 2013 Nexus 7 I am writing this on.

The era when Microsoft owned the technology industry is long over.

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