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>Thus businesses get to hire people who can use computers,

There is quite a whole world of computer using that ain't got any Microsoft in it. And for 30 years I've enjoyed watching folks like you try to pretend it doesn't exist. Now your difficulty is much higher: even Microsoft is making their software for non-Windows platforms like iOS and Android, building their cloud for Linux, and so on.

Android moved a billion phones last year. It runs computers. IOS, OS X, Linux, Android... They run the world now. Windows is a dim and tiny corner of the computer using realm. And getting less every year. What little of it there is is fragmented across four mutually incompatible major versions, so it doesn't even have the power of numbers it might have.

After Windows 10 increases the number of mutually incompatible versions by one we will all have a good laugh. By the time they can try again, we may have forgotten how much influence Microsoft used to have in technology.

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