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Uh, sounds like fun?

"We're trying to figure out how consumers get a one-size-fits-all OS and features as fast as possible at a quality bar that businesses wouldn't tolerate."

I'm I the only one that is made a bit nervous by this statement? Well, not for me but for those poor Windows users. The concept is sound, and in fact in the early Windows NT days (if I recall correctly) there was the option of installing "update only" updates or installing the updates that added features.

But the way it's phrased -- I expect my updates to always be at a "business" quality bar, and to not have my updates install dodgy new software. Ubuntu doesn't disappoint (at least for LTS releases) -- the updates are stable, and the updates don't decide to tack on some dodgy software. Of course, with 10,000s of packages, I'm sure a few of the not-officially-supported available packages are real buggy, but they aren't automatically installed by an update.

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